Liege and Book Progress

29 May 18

Posted at 7:52

Statue Le PlongeurStatue Le Plongeur

Liege is the project28 town for Belgium. With today's news of terrorist killings in Liege my mind goes back to November 2016 when I visited and documented the town. I enjoyed my stay in Liege. This image captures at least some of the diverse architecture in this most diverse of towns. I have for some reason an emotional attachment to this image so it proved tough for me when it did not make the final edit for the book.

Gare des Guillemins 1Gare de Guilliems

I arrived in Liege by train so like many visitors I was amazed whan I arrived at the futuristic Gare de Guillimens. The steel and glass structure is somewhat out of place. It looks as though an alien spacecraft has landed in Liege. This is another image that brings back happy memories and another that did not survive the edit. Liege will though be represented by an image of the Guillimemns architecture.

I've mentioned the book edit a couple of times. I'm pleased to report the edit and proofing are complete, a torturous execise. Torturous but a necessity! There have been many changes and rethinks along the way but now I am ready for the printer. I have decided that printing and binding will be undertaken by professionals as opposed to my fanciful ideas of late that I might make the books by hand. I am talking with two potential suppliers. A company in London with whom I have worked before and in whom I have a lot of confidence. Printing and bookbinding in the UK is notoriously expensive so I am also talking with a specialist company in Lithuania. I am about to take a short break. I hope by the time I return I will have chosen my preferred supplier and have an idea of when I will take receipt of the finished books.

As of today, other than choosing the supplier, the only outstanding piece of work was the cover design. I have been playing with an idea to have a washed out version of the now 'iconic' Project 28 EU Montage with 28 written over it. The 28 slipping off the cover on both front and back. This signifies the fact that 28 will by March next year have slipped down to 27.

What do you think?

UntitledFront Cover